Muhammad Farhan Safdar, M.Sc.

Research Interests

Healthcare Informatics, Medical Signals, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

On going Work

AI in ECG signals, AI in asthma


"A novel data augmentation approach for enhancement of ECG signal classification" Authors: M.F. Safdar, P. Pałka, R.M. Nowak, A.A. Faresi; Elsevier: Biomedical signal processing and control, Vol. 86, Sept. 2023;

"A Denoising and Fourier Transformation-Based Spectrograms in ECG Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network" Authors: Safdar, M.F., Nowak, R.M., Pałka; Sensors MDPI, Sensors 2022, 22(24), 9576;

"A Comparative Analysis of Data Augmentation Approaches for MRI Scan Images of Brain Tumor" Authors: Muhammad Farhan Safdar, Shayma Saad Alkobaisi, Fatima Tuz Zahra; ACTA INFORM MED, pISSN 0353-8109; 2020, Volume: MAR 28(1), Pages: 29-36 - Scopus Indexed

"Applications & Impact of Computer Technologies in management of Multimorbidity" Authors: Muhammad Farhan Safdar, Shahid Nazir Bhatti, Awais Saeed Abbasi, Fatima Tuz Zahra; Journal of Pakistan Medical Association; 2020, Volume: Sept 70(9), Pages 1572-76 - Scopus Indexed

"Neutrophil to Lymphocyte ratio (NLR) in COVID-19. A cheap prognostic marker in a resource constraint setting" Authors: Toori, K. U., Qureshi, M. A., Chaudhry, A., & Safdar, M. F.; Pakistan Journal Medical Sciences, Sep-Oct 2021, Vol. 37 No. 5

"Analysis of Proteinuria in Urine Routine Examination during Urinary Tract Infection" Authors: Fatima Tuz Zahra, Muhammad Farhan Safdar and Hafiz Muhammad Zubair; Intern Medicine journal, ISSN 2165-8048; 2019, Volume 8 Issue 4

"Contrast Induced Nephropathy in High Risk patients - Myth or Reality" Authors: ANJUM, N, Nabi, Z, Farhan, M, Zahideen, ZU; ISN WCN 2020, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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