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Przepraszam, ale ta strona napisana jest tylko po angielsku

System security is one of my main intrest now and for a long time security problems were my hobby. Now I'd like to share some of my experiences with other people. Please do not hesitate to mail me if You find any information here confusing, not true or simply if You want to write to me. Please send me also information concerning security of any system with as detailed information about the vulnerability and exploit for this as You can, but please be sure that this is verified information. I do not have access to systems of all types to verify this information.

Important thing in security business is to know about security weaknesses of systems. I'm doing my best to read every news on security. A few weeks ago I discovered that I'm not able to remember about all holes in every system I should. I know that I saw once something but it takes time to find it. Well - thats why I tried to sumarize this here. I made a short description of most security weaknesses I found in my recent archives. I assumed that everything discovered earlier that October 96 is not worth mentioning here. These weaknesses was discovered by a nomber of very skilled people around the world. I didn't mention their names here to make it more concice and to focus on technical problem.

Date: 17.04.1997
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I'm trying to keep it up to date .. but well ... if You really care about the security You will track discussion lists, news, CERT, CIAC and other forums with security information. I can go on my holiday, be ill or be to busy to update this everyday. If You find something that is not here few days after release please send me. If You test the case write about this. My email: P.Skibinski@elka.pw.edu.pl

Ogólne Co lubię Security