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Other achievements

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR of Polish-American Grants in collaboration with National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, USA: 3 subsequent grants in 1993-1995, 1996-1998, 1999-2001 entitled: "New concepts and measurement methods for characterization of dielectric and magnetic properties of bulk anisotropic materials", Polish-American grant MEN/NIST-92-88, "Microwave Dielectric Property Measurements of Advanced Materials Used in Electronic Industry, Polish-American grant MEN/NIST-96-258, "Advanced Measurement Techniques for Characterizing Superconducting and Dielectric Materials at Microwave Frequencies", Polish-American grant MEN/NIST-98-338. PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR in Polish-British research grant "Development and assessment of new standard techniques for complex permittivity measurements" (joint work with National Physical Laboratory). PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR in Australian Linkage International Project LX0242351 (awarded for period 2002-2004) (joint work with University of Western Australia and James Cook University). PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR in the joint international European research grant (Grow Programme) entitled: "Tunable Filters Based on Dielectric Resonators" GRD-2001-40547(2001-2005). PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR in Polish research project “Design and manufacturing of complete microwave sensor based measurement system intended for electromagnetic properties investigations of graphene” (2010-2013). PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR in the international research project EMINDA – "Electromagnetic Characterisation of Materials for Industrial Applications up to Microwave Frequencies".

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER of the IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory Techniques and reviewer for several international journals icluding Journal of Applied Physics, IEEE Tranactions on UFFC, Measurements Science and Technology, Applied Physics Letters, Physica Status Solidi.

AWARDS obtained by J. Krupka


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